Getting Started


How to configure Flex

Your options for configuring and deploying Flex Community edition:

  1. Run the Docker container with no arguments and use the Flex Setup Wizard UI
  2. Run the Docker container with environment variables configuring your Flink resources
  3. Use the Flex Helm charts to run Flex Community Edition in Kubernetes

Flex Setup Wizard UI

If you provide no configuration to Flex, you will be prompted with a wizard to configure your Flink resources when you launch Flex.

If you are using the suggested docker run command (below) the UI can be accessed at http://localhost:3000

Flex environment variables

You can use environment variables to configure Flex and avoid the wizard UI.

For example, you can create a flex.env file:

# Name this Flex Installation 

# The license details from your community sign-up email
LICENSEE=Factor House

And start Flex like so:

docker run --pull=always -p 3000:3000 --env-file ./flex.env -m 2G factorhouse/flex-ce:latest

Environment Variable Reference

Flex is compatible with v1 of the Flink REST API.

Support for other managed services (such as Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink) is coming soon. Please contact us if this is a priority for your organization.


FLINK_REST_URLTrueThe Flink REST API endpoint to connect to. For example: http://localhost:8081
FLINK_TIMEOUT_MSFalseThe timeout value in ms for all HTTP requests made to a Flink cluster. Default: 5000
FLINK_PERMISSIVE_SSLFalseTrue if SSL certificate validation should be disabled. Default: false