What is Flex?

Flex is the toolkit that empowers your team to deliver with Flink.

Once installed, Flex gathers information about your Flink resources every minute, then provides custom telemetry and insights to you in a rich data-oriented UI.

Built for the Enterprise

Flex comes from a practical application of Flink to real-world requirements and provides:

  • User authentication via DB, File, LDAP, SAML, or OpenID configuration.
  • User authorization with Simple or Role Based Access Controls (RBAC).
  • Data policies for masking and redaction of sensitive data like Credit Card or PII.
  • Data governance with all user actions captured in the Flex audit log.
  • Slack integration to have user actions sent to an operations channel as they happen.
  • HTTPS easily configured with your own certificates, or integrated with a reverse-proxy.
  • Prometheus endpoints to integrate with your preferred metrics and alerting systems.
  • Multi-Cluster Monitoring from a single installation for cost efficiency and simplicity.

And Much More..