Slack integration

Kpow can send Data governance (Audit log) records to your Slack, all you need to do is configure a webhook.


  1. Add an Incoming Webhooks integration to your Slack.
  2. Select a channel and click the "Add Incoming WebHooks integration" button
  3. Copy the "Webhook URL" value from the "Setup Instructions" form
  4. Set the environment variable SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL with the value from the previous step.
  5. Restart Kpow, now audit items are posted to your slack!


You can configure the verbosity with the SLACK_WEBHOOK_VERBOSITY environment variable. Options are:

  • MUTATIONS (default) - only mutations will be sent via the webhook
  • QUERIES - only data inspect queries will be send via the webhook
  • ALL - both mutations and queries will be sent via the webhook