What is Flex?

Flex is the toolkit that empowers your team to deliver with Flink.

Flex Screenshot

Once installed, Flex gathers information about your Flink resources every minute, stores the results locally, then provides custom telemetry and insights to you in a rich data-oriented UI.

  • Simplicity: Streamline Flink Management for All User Groups

    • Simplify organizational management with Flex, catering to diverse user groups from Infrastructure to developers.
    • Seamlessly align your business needs with Flex's user-friendly interface and intuitive controls.
  • Intuitive: Insights at Your Fingertips with Integrated Telemetry

    • Gain rich insights into your Flink clusters through fully integrated metrics and telemetry.
    • Access comprehensive long-term metrics and aggregated consumption and production data, from cluster-level insights to individual job-level details.
  • Secure: Air-Tight Protection and Seamless Integration

    • Run air-gapped and secure environments confidently, thanks to Flex's support for Okta, OpenID, LDAP, SAML, Keycloak, and HTTPS.
    • Ensure data security with features like Audit log, backed by prominent tools like Prometheus and Slack integration.
  • Powerful: Unleash the full potential of Apache Flink with Flex

    • Leverage the power of Factor House's unifying core tech with fine-grained role-based access control.
    • Unlock advanced multi-tenancy capabilities to manage Flink resources effectively while maintaining control over visibility and usage.

Built for the Enterprise

Flex comes from a practical application of Flink to real-world requirements and provides:

  • User authentication via DB, File, LDAP, SAML, or OpenID configuration.
  • User authorization with Simple or Role Based Access Controls (RBAC).
  • Data policies for masking and redaction of sensitive data like Credit Card or PII.
  • Data governance with all user actions captured in the Flex audit log.
  • Slack integration to have user actions sent to an operations channel as they happen.
  • HTTPS easily configured with your own certificates, or integrated with a reverse-proxy.
  • Prometheus endpoints to integrate with your preferred metrics and alerting systems.
  • Multi-Cluster Monitoring from a single installation for cost efficiency and simplicity.
  • All data remains local makes Flex perfect for air-gapped environments.

And Much More..