Kpow provides a complete management interface to Kafka ACLs.

All ACL actions (create, clone, delete) are recorded in the Kpow Audit log.


  • You have setup the correct access control permissions in Kpow to allow ACL_EDIT. See: User authorization.
  • You have setup the correct Kafka ACLs if you have enabled ACLs in your Kafka cluster. See: Minimum ACL permissions.

Managing ACLs

An overview about your cluster's ACLs can be found in the navigation menu under the Security menu item.

Within the security page, there are four tables for ACL management:

  • Principals
  • Hosts
  • Resources
  • Controls

Kpow ACL management UI

ACL actions

Clicking the actions button on any row in an ACL table will give you a popup of available actions:

  • Clone ACL: this allows you to clone a control/resource/host/principal. For example, you could clone all ACLs that relate to principal user:derek to another principal such as user:tom.
  • Delete ACL: this allows you to delete ACLs at a control/resource/host/principal level.

Cloning user:derek's ACLs to user:tom

Creating ACLs

The first UI element of the Security page allows you to create new ACLs. Simply fill out the ACL form fields and click Create ACL

Group + Topic ACL management

From within the Topic Explore or Group explore page, ACL management is available.

Filtering the explore page by topic will allow you to see all ACLs that apply to the topic under the Topic ACLs table. Each row in the table has various actions such as Clone ACL and Delete ACL. You can also create new ACLs for this topic by clicking the Create ACL button.

Creating a new ACL for the topic \_\_consumer\_offsets for principal user:derek

The same functionality is available from the Group explore page for managing group ACLs.