Schema Registry


  • You have setup the correct access control permissions in Kpow to allow SCHEMA_CREATE and SCHEMA_EDIT. See: User authorization.
  • You have configured Schema Registry within Kpow.

Creating Subjects

Topic create can be found in the navigation menu under the Schema menu item. Navigate to the Create Subjects button found within the Subjects table.

The form will allow you to create a new subject for schema type's AVRO,JSON or PROTOBUF. You can validate that the proposed schema is valid by clicking the Validate Schema button on the top right of the form.

Creating a new subject

Managing Subjects

Editing Subjects


You can change the compatibility of a subject by clicking the subject's row in the overview page and then clicking the Change compatibility button on the top right hand corner of the subject's form.

Updating the compatibility of cc-value to BACKWARDS_TRANSITIVE


You can make revisions to your subject's schema by clicking on the subject's row in the overview page and then making the change to the schema. You can validate the the revisions to the schema you are making are valid for the compatibility mode of your subject.

Updating the schema for cc-value

Deleting subjects

You can delete subjects by selecting the row(s) for the subjects you wish to delete, then clicking the Delete (n) Subjects button on the top right of the Subjects table.

Deleting subjects from Kpow's UI

Cleaning up orphaned subjects

An orphaned subject is any subject with a naming strategy of TopicNameStrategy or TopicRecordNameStrategy that have no associated topic on your Kafka cluster.

Kpow will detect any orphaned subjects inside your schema registry and prompt you to clean them up within the Schema UI:

Orphaned subject detection

Managing soft-deleted subjects

In Confluent's Schema Registry, deleted subjects are 'soft-deleted' by default.

On a soft delete, the API only deletes the version and the underlying schema ID would still be available for any lookup.

Kpow's UI allows you to view all soft-deleted schemas and permanently delete them from the registry:

Permanently delete subject